Self Service

We are open all day every day, even on holidays. We may not be attended for all of those hours but the self-service machines are available anytime.

We accepts coins, credit/debit or Fascard loyalty card.

Our laundry attendants are there to help you identify the best machine for you. However, the “fill” line on a machine is determined by sticking your arm into the machine at the top of the opening and touching the back. Your clothes should be below your arm. Any machine where this is accomplished will work.

Immediately contact an in store attendant.

Please call our number (615-829-8919) and leave a name and phone number on the voicemail. We will resolve the issue first thing when an attendant is on duty.

Drop-off Service

Simply stop into our store and hand your dirty laundry over to the attendant on duty. We typically are attended from 7AM-9PM. Our attendant will take care of the rest and contact you either via phone call or text to let you know when your clean clothes are ready for pick up.

For detergent, we use your choice of Tide, Gain, All Free & Clear, Persil or Dreft. For Softeners, we use Downy, Gain and Suavitel. We also have Bounce, 7th Generation and Downy dryer sheets.

Most days if you give us your dirty laundry by 1:00, we can finish the same day. Otherwise, we will definitely return to you next day.

Pickup & Delivery

Go to www.HappyNest.com and enter your zip code to confirm we cover your area. If we do, then simply follow the easy directions and sign up. You can also see the pricing there as well.

Yes absolutely. It is completely customizable. You can choose your detergent, softener as well as if you want us to fold or hang certain items.

Nope, none. You can cancel or suspend your account at any time.

You will get a welcome package which includes a HappyNest laundry bag for future use. Until you get that welcome package, you can just put them in a plastic bag on your front porch or wherever you designate as your pickup area.

Commercial Service

No we intend to earn your busines each time we work for you. However, we would like feedback from you if there are issues or things that we need to improve upon.

We expect a next day turnaround time and we can service you every day that you need us.

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