Nashville’s Drop Off Laundry Service

Pounds of Laundry Processed

Laundry Pick Up and Drop Off Service

Drop your laundry off with us and we will do the chore for you. Come into our store and only spend 3 minutes dropping your dirty laundry off and only 2 minutes to pick it up when it is complete. On your way to work, the gym or the grocery store, just stop in and hand off the worst chore of the week. We can finish it same day or next day based on the time that you drop off. You get a free Eco2Go heavy duty laundry bag to reuse every time that you come in. We offer separate pricing for bedding and you can tell us how you want your laundry done.


Item Price
Laundry Per Pound $1.59/lb
King Comforter $23.99
Queen Comforter $20.99
Full Comforter $18.99
Twin Comforter $16.99
Pillow $6.99
Sleeping Bag $13.99
Rug $11.99
Pet Bed $16.99
Blanket $9.99
Extra Rinse $4.00
Extra Wash $4.00
Hang Pants/Shirts $0.75/item
Hang Pants/Shirts w/ Steam $3.00

NOTE: There is a minimum order amount of $20 per drop off.

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