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Pounds of Laundry Washed

Wash Dry Fold Laundry Service 

Use our high-efficiency Huebsch washers and dryers to complete your laundry in under an hour. Enjoy our state of the art laundromat located in the heart of Nashville, TN. We have 27 front-loading washers that can complete up to 8 loads in one wash cycle. With a 200g spin cycle, these washers will spin out most of the water and reduce the drying time required. These high end machines also offer extra rinse and extra soak cycles to help get your dirtiest clothes spotless. Our 28 front loading dryers will get you to the folding table in under 30 minutes. With heart selections from delicate up to high heat, you can customize to your liking.


Washer Size Price
2 Loads $3.50
3 Loads $4.50
4 Loads $6.00
6 Loads $8.00
8 Loads $10.50

NOTE: There are additional charges for hot and warm water, as well as extra wash or extra rinse cycles. These additional charges are based on the size of the washer.


Dryer Size Price
Small $1.50 for 30 minutes
(5 minutes per $0.25)
Medium $1.50 for 24 minutes
(4 minutes per $0.25)
Large $2.00 for 24 minutes
(3 minutes per $0.25)
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