Laundry Pickup and Delivery

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Pickup and Delivery

Utilize our FREE pickup and delivery service to make laundry day easy. Don’t waste your free time doing laundry. Go and do life instead. We pick up your laundry at your doorstep and return it the next day to the same spot. Your professionally cleaned and folded clothes will be delivered back to you ready for the drawer or closet. We offer separate pricing for bedding and you can fully customize your order with specific soaps, softeners, bleach, etc. You can even let us know if you like your socks folded or rolled.


Service Price
Weekly $1.49/lb
By Request $1.59/lb
Comforter (King) $22.50
Comforter (Queen) $17.50
Comforter (Double) $15.00
Comforter (Twin) $12.00
Mattress Cover $12.50
Blanket $12.00
Pillow $5.00

NOTE: There is a minimum order amount of $25 per pickup.

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